ChrisMix Radio DJ's

  • DJ:

    Patrick Lafayette

  • Title:

    Senior Broadcast Announcer & CEO Twin Audio Network

Known for his velvet smooth voice, Broadcast announcer, Patrick Lafayette has been in the business for about thirty years.

He launched his career in radio broadcasting in the 1980’s and that saw him being a part of the start-up team for radio stations such as FAME FM, KLAS RADIO, KOOL 97FM and now CHRISMIXRADIO.COM. In addition to establishing himself as a household radio name in Jamaica, he has produced programs for XM Satellite Radio, BBC, and several US radio stations.

He put his experience and expertise into establishing which is dedicated to his brother, who passed away in 2013. Audio producer, singer, songwriter, musician and broadcaster – Patrick Lafayette: a multi-talented visually impaired professional. You can hear him weekdays from 6 – 9pm.

  • DJ:

    Errol Jackson

  • AKA:

    Disc Jacko

Disc Jacko (aka) Errol Jackson has over 30 plus years’ management in the health care industry. Far longer than that however has been his love of music which was initially cultivated and grown through his friendship with life-long friend, Chris Lafayette. A self-proclaimed loyal disciple of Chris, it gave him great pleasure to join the founding members of the Chrismixradio station – in honor of his friend and brother’s memory.

Rooted from Africa via the slave ship but conceived in Jamaica, Disc Jacko, is a prolific lover of music, art and the Mother Nature. Much of this love can be heard in his musical presentation. Tune in and check him out every Monday to Friday from 9am – 1pm.

  • DJ:

    Bobby Beaumont

  • AKA:

    Mr. B

Bobby Beaumont, aka Mr. B, was born on February 29, 1964, in Kingston, Jamaica. In 1985 he migrated to the United States where he started working as a dental technician. Three years later, he launched his dental lab Classic Dental Lab, located in the Bronx, New York.

An entrepreneur and music lover it wasn’t long before he and a group of friends launched the infamous nightclub Xpressions, in the Bronx, New York in 1992. Later he moved on from Xpressions and opened Martinis Cafe also in the Bronx, New York.

His passionate love for all genres of music led him to join Chris Mix Radio as a founding member and host of the Seduction Show on Chris Mix Radio. You can hear him at his selectors best every night (Mondays to Friday) from 9pm – 1 am. His passion was one shared with his late friend Chris Lafayette – after whom the station is named. Mr B credits Chris with adding a range of music to his collection. Chris is brother to Jamaican radio personality Patrick Lafayette, senior broadcaster, producer and founding member of Chris Mix Radio.

  • DJ:

    Eaton Plummer

  • AKA:


Eaton Plummer - born, St. Thomas, Jamaica. What started out as a teenage boy’s hobby of collecting vinyl records quickly became life-long love of music for Eaton. By his early twenties, his passion for and style of playing music was known by everyone. He soon became the DJ all his friends (and there are many) and co-workers wanted for their special event. He later went on to co-host a late-night show with a prominent Jamaican radio personality.

Becoming a founding member of Chrismixraido was a natural thing for EP. It allows his to continue to play the music he loves and to honor his late friend, Chris Lafayette, for whom this station was named.